Monday, 7 August 2017

Around the World Mini Golf

Around the World Mini Golf

Today was the day when I was going to go to Around the World Mini Golf.  I was going with my two younger friends, my younger sister Alisha and my auntie. We went on Wednesday the last week of the school holidays.  We played mini golf just for fun.

Firstly, we were driven to our friends house by our mum.  When we arrived at our friend's house we quickly hopped into the car and were driven to Around the World Mini Golf in Sylvia Park by our auntie.When we had reached we walked over to the Mini golf shop where you had to pay your fee for playing Mini Golf.  Once we had paid our fee we got our balls, putters and scorecard.

Once we went inside we had to wait for a while because there were two people in front of us playing.  When it was our turn our we went from youngest to oldest.  Unfortunately I was the oldest out of all of so I had to go last.  In the first hole we just had to putt straight to get the ball into the hole.  Then we kept on going until the last hole.

Overall I think that we had a great time together at Around the World Mini Golf.  We had a great day and had heaps of fun.

Reflection: I think I did well with using good vocabulary

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